​​​​​​​Highest Praise

​Transitioning your elderly parents from their home, to assisted living, and then a nursing home is a difficult and stressful task. Financial resources inevitably diminish, and you realize quickly that they eventually must be enrolled in Medicaid to ensure their ongoing care.  It is necessary to get assistance from experts to navigate this complex application process. We hired In GoodHands Medicaid Consulting (IGH) to perform this task. 

We learned at the very beginning that IGH not only can handle the enormous details of the federal government's Medicaid program, but also that they can legally preserve some portion ofthe financial assets of our parents.  IGH explained the process to us, providing a detailed accounting of the moneys involved.  We were frankly amazed at how very close the final accounting was to the calculated predictions.  

The Medicaid application process took eight months for us, and this is mostly a reflection of the complexities of our parents' financial position, and the general slowness of any federally sponsored program.  In the end it all worked out, and that is what matters.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Michele and Alissa of IGH for their indefatigable work in getting the Medicaid application finally approved for our Dad (and his wife as well), sometimes in the face of hostility and intransigence from certain parties.  I give In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting my highest recommendation!

Barbara & Steve S

Coram, NY

Hesitant At First

It can be very overwhelming when you're faced with elderly parents that can no longer live on their own with limited financial assets and no idea where to begin.  I was given your card on a visit to an assisted living facility.  I was very hesitant to call at first, but thankfully I did. Not only did you handle all that needed to be done to get my parents Medicaid, you did it quickly, always responded to my emails and phone calls, and you were very easy to work with.  If I had to do it over, I would do the same.  I cannever thank you enough.

Karen C

Levittown, NY

I was fearful and skeptical of the process of applying for Community Medicaid.  I was referred by the Medicaid department at St. James Rehab to In Good Hands.

I received constant reassurance and support from Michele and Alissa.  Questions and calls answered promptly!  I followed their instructions to a "tee"- and as promised Mr. T received Community Medicaid.  

Thank you Michele & Alissa

Eileen T

Miller Place, NY



My family and I recently met with Michele Albohn of In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting to discuss the Medicaid Application process on behalf of my father who was on a ventilator in a nursing facility.  Michele took the time to fully explain what we would need to accomplish and answered all of our questions without any hesitation.  We found her to be extremelyprofessional, well informed and felt confident that she would help us to successfully navigate the system and obtain the assistance my father needed, while protecting as much of his assets as possible.  Although my father passed away shortly after our initial consultation with Michele, we found her information to be invaluable and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone finding themselves in need of Medicaid assistance.

Cathy Z

S. Setauket, NY

Professional Help

We greatly appreciate the professional help you gave us in helping settle my mother's affairs including being accepted on Medicaid.  We were always happy with the service you provided, the ability to contact you when needed, quick responses to our questions, and your encouragement that everything would work out.  We would feel very comfortable recommending you to our friends and family.

Thanks again.

Barbara K

El Cajon, CA

it's not a business, it's family

​Caring for an elderly loved one is not an easy task. If the need to seek Medicaid assistance is added to the mix, another level of stress and complexity is added to your life. I was recently tending to the needs of a close relative. I reside in another state. This created many challenges for me and my family. Then Medicaid became necessary.  This is where In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting shined. I worked with them recently and found IGHMC to be very knowledgeable, very supportive and very accommodating. Once they stepped in, I felt enormous relief. All of my questions were answered in a very timely manner. This included after business hours. When I needed to speak with Michele she accommodated my meeting requests. Evenings and weekends included. Michele and Alissa are professionals who stay engaged during the entire Medicaid application process. I did not feel like I was dealing with a business. I felt like I was dealing with family. This team will go above and beyond. The name of this company simply says it all, “In Good Hands”. Steve Pomichowski Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 

Made All the Difference

​At a time when my 94 year old mother was in the hospital & moving to a nursing home rehab facility, we were referred to "In Good Hands" by the hospital social worker.  Michele & Alissa helped us navigate the Medicaid application process and their assistance proved invaluable.  They were instrumental in helping us secure an in home assistant to tend to my mother's care.  In this way my mother was able to spend what turned out to be the last month of her life in the safety and security of her own home.  The "In Good Hands" team was professional and attentive throughout the entire process.  At a time of emotional stress & confusion, these consultants made all the difference!

Antoinette C

Hillsborough, NJ

​​​Don't Know What We Would Have Done Without You

Thank you for doing your very best to take care of my Mom's medicaid needs. I don't know what we would have done without you. Thank you for all of your efforts.

Linda C.

​Southold, NY

​​Constant Reassurance

Ninon R

Seaford, NY


I thought your services were amazing.  The turn around time was even quicker than expected.  I would highly recommend you to others!  Thank you very much!

Joanne A.

Hicksville, NY

AMazed, relieved and thankful

When my mom came to "visit" me back in August, I realized she could not go back to Florida.  Once I was told Mom has dementia and will only get worse and she can not be left alone,  I didn't know what to do since I work full time.  My friend referred me to In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting.  I called right away and within days, the forms were done, the aides were at my house, and Medicaid kicked in sofast-I was amazed, relieved, and thankful for all their help!

Carolyn P.

Melville, NY


We would like to express our appreciation to Michele  and Alissa  for the handling of my wife's case.  They were available all the time to answer questions, dealt with all the issues immediately and through the whole process they were extremely professional.  We would absolutely recommend In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting to all!

S Gilin

Queens, NY 


I welcome the opportunity to thank you for your assistance in representing my mother in receiving Medicaid benefits in Nassau County.  With so many things on my plate in initiating the CDPAP process, the fact that I could leave the county social services aspect in your capable hands was, frankly, a big relief for me.  Your advise in other aspects I was facing was extremely helpful, and in hindsight, I'm glad we followed your advise. Again, thank you!

Mario P.

Wantagh, NY


Working with Michele and Alissa proved to be a very good choice that began with an unrushed, highly informative initial meeting where our questions and objectives were clearly heard and understood.  During that first meeting, we received extensive knowledge, advice and guidances about our situation and then information outlining the process should we decide to move forward.  All communications, including the sending/receiving forms and documentation during the preparation of mom and dad's Community Medicaid application were organized, punctual and clear, and at no time was I ever left waiting for an email or phone call response to any of my questions or concerns.  In Good Hands accomplished what we set out to achieve and did so in the contracted timeframe.  Working with Michele and Alissa was an extremely professional experience and I highly recommend their services.

​​​Compassionate & Organized

​In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting was suggested to me at a time

when I felt as if I were drowning in paperwork and too exhausted to more.  My husband was very ill and I had my hands full dealing with his medical bills, keeping notes on all the treatments and trying to take care of him.  Michele and Alissa came to our home to fill out the necessary forms and were compassionate and organized.  They were able to get us  Medicaid coverage and always answered questions quickly.  They are an invaluable resource.

Kathleen G.

Huntington, NY


Where do I begin? Michele and Alissa are beyond wonderful, they

were always there for me and my whole family. I was very nervous

about my mom's care after her health scare and they calmed me down with their concern and sincerity.  They helped my mom get the help she needed quickly and efficiently.  There are not enough goodwords to say.  They were professional, compassionate, and empathetic. I hope four words say enough-Thank you so much!

Jeannine & Karen

Mastic Beach, NY


First of all, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for our family in such a short period of time.  You worked a miracle for us.  I just thank God I found you when we needed you most. So, thank you again and I will bless you all my days for what you did for us.

Susan A

Holbrook, NY

Sincere Gratitude

Dear Ladies,

My family and I join me in sharing our tremendous gratitude to you for taking such good care of our Mom and of us all in the process.

As you know, I began working with another firm originally which was awful from the start.  I had lost much hope and the process of relocating Mom, finding a suitable nursing home where she would be happy, her poor health and the overwhelming Medicaid process was wearing on me.  

Someone I barely knew recommended In Good Hands to me at a meeting I attended a few months ago.  I called you immediately and even talking to Alissa was immediately reassuring and soothing.  You gave me your 100% during our first meeting together and have been thoroughly professional and impressive throughout the entire process.  You helped me find the right home for Mom based upon what I told you about her-you really listened and you obviously cared.  I was undoubtedly "in Good Hands" from the start.

When I found the perfect home for Mom, I was informed by their admitting department that there were 14 applications ahead of mine. That was a huge step back but 24 hours later, I received the call that a bed was ready for her-and it was first floor/window to boot.  Since that time, I visit Mom almost daily, as do my siblings and her own.  She is happier than I can ever express and therefore, our entire family is as well.

I'm not sure how you worked your magic but what I do know is that your are passionate about helping those in need and you've proven that over and over again.  What a beautiful way to spend your working hours.

Thank you from the entire Family.

Joni F

Commack, NY