Do you know how you will finance Aging for your loved one?

Most people are not aware of what to do until they are in the situation of having an elderly love one who needs care.  As an adult child, friend, cousin, in-law etc, look for signs that may not be completely obvious that your loved one needs help:

  • Do they make jokes about forgetting things, or making excuses for bruises?
  • Does their home seem untidy or cluttered?
  • Are they over or underpaying bills? Missing doctor appointments?
  • Are they withdrawing from family communication or events?
  • ​Is there personality changing?

Sometimes, a loved one can seem completely functional until there is a fall, hospitalization, surgery or other illness.  A simple Urinary Tract Infection, usually a complication of not being able to clean oneself properly due to arthritis, etc​ can put a senior in the hospital and you will be approached by a social worker or physical therapist who suddenly advises you that mom or dad cannot be home without assistance.  How will you pay for this?

Most people are not knowledgeable on payment sources.  Medicare will cover up to 100 days of rehab, the first 20 days in full and 80 days with a 20% co-payment unless there is a supplemental health insurance in place. And what happens when the social worker tells you mom "needs 24/7 care upon discharge?"  Medicare pays for a limited amount for physical therapy and showers, but what happens after that?  Who will pay for the aide?

Medicaid provides wonderful services which includes an aide for your loved ones activities of daily living, transportation and medical supplies to name a few.  

Contact In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting LLC., WE CAN HELP!  We offer several plan options to suit your needs and budget!  Call today!

​Do not believe the myths! We only do Medicaid, day in and day out.  Many people are misguided by incorrect information from family members, friends and co-workers.  Everyone has a very individual situation and is unique, and therefore should be handled in an individual, unique manner. Medicaid is not "cookie cutter."  Find out how to help your loved one now and do not wait until it is too late.  One fall is too many...